My love of storytelling in rhyme lead to Modern Australian Bush Poetry – a style of writing poetry that favours the ballad and narrative forms. It requires the poet to have a strong grasp of good metre and an excellent command of rhyme. The Bush Poet writers taught me the mechanics of metre, gave lots of tips, tricks and guidance and it wasn’t long before an exciting new world for my writing opened up. Of course, art is still a great love and it may even pop up from time to time over my different social platforms.

Learn all the rules so you know when it’s okay to break them

Winner’s Row

THE PACT – Serious narrative poem about the bond between a soldier and his horse. This poem was the overall winner in the Ipswich Poetry Feast competition in 2015.

THE STOCKMAN’S CHOICE – Serious narrative poem about the bond between man and horse as seen through the horse’s eyes. This poem gained a number of highly commended and a second placing in the Bronze Spur.

WE WERE MATES – Serious narrative poem that imagines an old man looking back over a long and often hard life. This poem won the Tim Borthwick Memorial prize in the Bronze Swagman 2019.

THE COP MAGNET – A humorous narrative inspired by a true story. This poem gained a highly commended in the Silver Quill in Western Australia.

BUSHFIRE – (The Dragon from the West) This poem was directly inspired by the horrendous bushfires that Australia endured over 2019 -2020 summer. It gained a Highly Commended award in the 2020 Sutherland Shire Literary Competion.

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