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THE GALAH’S REVENGE: Humourous poem
This poem is based on a Galah my Grandma once had. My grandfather had given it to her when he came back from out west. The bird already possessed a remarkable talent for swearing. One day the Jehova Witness’s came calling and he suddenly let loose with his best efforts. I think Grandma blushed from head to foot that day. I was only twelve at the time and thought it was the funniest thing although I dared not show it. For this poem, I embellished the story a little more and took it a little further. I hope you enjoy it.

The Galah’s Revenge

Now my great Grand-ma-ma, she had kept this galah.
It was back in my much younger day,
and whatever the cause, it has given me pause,
why that bird should have lost it that way.

See, she’d had it an age in this old iron cage
and when Granny’s upset she could swear,
but not once had it talked,  it just sat there and squawked,
so to blame poor old Granny’s unfair.

But, the good preacher Hugh, who was really quite new,
was arriving for Grans morning tea.
She had spent half the night making sure things were right
and what happened she didn’t foresee.

For the preacher had sat and had started to chat
and was quoting some nice bible verse,
when the bird had let loose with a string of abuse
and let rip with a terrible curse.

It had made Grandma blush and poor Hugh, in his rush,
he had knocked the birds cage to the floor.
Their adrenalin surged as that bird then emerged
and walked free from the now broken door.

The birds curses did ring and the shame it did sting
so poor Granny confessed to her sin,
and the preacher announced that the bird be denounced
as the devil in feathery skin.

So the preacher he prayed for dear Gran who had strayed
and he said it was just as he’d feared.
That the bird was possessed and with swearing obsessed
when salvation itself just appeared.

Wild galahs on the wing, altogether they’d bring,
them a chance for some blessed relief.
So the bird flew away at the end of that day
but what followed defied all belief .

While the preacher had raved “Thank the Lord. You are saved”,
dear old Gran got a terrible shock.
From the sky she had heard, the return of that bird,
and it brought back the WHOLE BLOODY FLOCK!

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