“DESTRUCTIVE”: Original artwork by Robyn Dower. Acrylic on canvas.

The Art Room Fight was inspired by my sister’s cat, Bill. He works as her art room muse in his own inventive way. This poem is a true story about a fairly typical day at the office.

It is also the poem that kicked off my journey into poetry so will always hold a special special place in my heart.



The Art Room Fight

Now Robyn’s an artist and Billy’s her cat
and most of the time they are happy with that.
They each do their thing
and they each have their place
except for the times when it isn’t the case.

So right was not wrong
but the wrong was not right
and neither remembers who started the fight.
Poor Billy was lonely and feeling depressed
while Robyn was tense and a little too stressed.

Her Phones were all ringing
and deadlines were chiming
and cats, as we know,
aren’t renowned for their timing.
So Billy was purring and acting so nice
but choosing to ignore him comes with a price.

He jumped on the table and drank the rinse water, he walked on the paintings I had just brought her.
He ran up the shelf and he knocked off the books,
he chewed on the feet
of the fresh sculptured chooks.



He pulled out the brushes and bent all their tips.
He climbed up the curtains and undid their clips.
He hid in a box with his eyes growing black
and readied himself for his final attack.

He crouched very low and was right in the zone
when suddenly Robyn had hung up the phone.
She didn’t say anything, she didn’t shout,
she picked up the box and she threw Billy out.

Now Robyn loves Billy so don’t get me wrong
and neither had held to that grudge for too long.
They each do their thing and they each have their place
except for the times when that isn’t the case.


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