If Poets were like Sporting Stars

Image: Pixabay

This poem was written after the tennis fiasco involving Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic. I found it unfathomable how they both could squander such opportunities. This, in turn, got me thinking about the disparity between the arts and sports in Australia.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the vast majority of our sportsmen and women work extremely hard at their chosen passion with little to no recognition. This is the same for people of the arts but unfortunately, the inequality is in the lack of opportunities and funding. The arts lag considerably behind sports. This poem is a simple musing on exactly as its title implies.


If poets were like sporting stars I wonder what we’d do.

Would we crowd around our TV sets to hear their interview?

Would we wait about excitedly for them to sign their name?

Would we hang on every single word and watch them rise to fame?


If poets were like sporting stars I wonder what we’d see.

Would the wealthy sponsors vie for favour, give them things for free?

Would we strive to be just like them and attend their every meet?

Would we wear their colours proudly and take up every seat?


If poets were like sporting stars would things begin to change.

Could poetry be popular, perceptions rearrange?

Would their talent still be nurtured, would the millions still be spent?

Would our poets all be rich and not beg for every cent?


If poets were like sporting stars and poetry our pride

Would the mighty corporations stand as proudly by their side?

Would the young ones be encouraged to let their talents grow?

Would a poet be a worthy star and not some token show?


If poets were like sporting stars I wonder if we’d care.

Could they both be treated fairly with each given equal share?

Could the nation see them differently, opinions redefine?

If poets were like sporting stars and got that chance to shine.


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