My Sister, My Brother is a poem worth mentioning because it was my first commissioned piece. It was to be used in conjunction with a fundraising event for MS. Although the event didn’t end up going ahead, the poem was published in MS life on-line magazine.

My Sister, My Brother

© Kay Gorring

You’re in there and you’re shaking
and I know your heart is breaking-
the doctor comes and says – “you have MS”.
The diagnosis rocks you
as his explanation shocks you.
You take this news by bravely nodding yes.

Yet while those words are stinging
and their hammer-blow’s still ringing
that’s when you know you won’t concede defeat.
It’s courage they’ve incited
and endurance you’ve ignited;
you charge at it, head on, with no retreat.


You set your course for flying
and you’re learning and you’re trying
to find those ways that keep yourself on top.
It’s love that keeps you striving
and your joy that has you thriving
while waiting for the thing that makes it stop.

So should you feel you’re slipping
or you’re past that point of tipping
and weariness has pushed you to despair.
When fears seem at their starkest
and your thoughts are at their darkest,
that’s when you’ll turn and see me standing there.

I understand not knowing
of a place I can’t be going,
its journey only you alone can make.
But I’ll be there to confide to;
I’ll be there right beside you
and always with a hand for you to take.

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