Sense of Wonder went into Gallery two, upstairs in the Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery. It was the smallest space but the biggest town on the tour so far. Unfortunately this meant a few of the larger pieces couldn’t make the trip but Sense of Wonder once again showed its amazing versatility. The space may have been small but it was charming with its old style french doors and original fireplace. Grandma’s cottage nestled right in and looked as if it was always there. The transformation from gallery to cottage was astonishing and people loved it.

Unfortunately there was no room for a permanent set up of the activities during the showing of Sense of Wonder but people were able to let their creative side loose on opening night with some of the activities being temporarily set up.


INTERESTING FACT: Did you know that the Bundaberg Art Gallery is supposedly haunted by a mysterious apparition who favours the stairs leading to Gallery two. Robyn and I worked well past midnight getting Sense of Wonder set up on time and stayed in the artist’s residence on the same floor. We didn’t see any ghost but then again we were probably too busy to notice…

sow-invitation-bundaberg sow-bundaberg-mice-in-dish-with-peanuts sow-bundaberg-panels      sow-bundaberg-through sow-bundaberg-boat-mice sow-bundaberg-cat-ona-wall sow-maryborough-suitcases

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