With much needed help from an RADF grant Robyn and I started preparations to take Sense of Wonder on the exciting Five Towns in Five Regions tour. This would take nearly two years to complete and the first place on that list was the brand new art gallery at Biloela. This gallery was ultra-modern and huge. Robyn and I wondered how the cottage setting would work but Sense of Wonder simply proved how versatile it truly is.

Because of the amount of space available we once again invited the local artists to exhibit their works with a few taking up the offer. We also had to make quite a few brand new pieces including a huge facade to imitate the front of the cottage complete with front door. With the help of the galleries collection of artificial fig trees it worked a treat.

People also enjoyed participating in the activities provided in the space immediately adjacent to the exhibition. The drawing, magnets and doodles all proved popular with people giving the poetry a good go as well. We even received a visit from a group from India.


Interesting Fact: Among the new pieces added to Biloela was a naughty white cockatoo tearing up the note Grandma Kate left as a guide to the exhibition. Interestingly the name Biloela means white cockatoo. Meant to be perhaps…

        sow-biloela-radio sow-biloela-activities-close-up sow-biloela-activities-close-up-2 sow-biloela-cat-in-basket sow-biloela-hutch sow-biloela-magnet-board-close-up-2 sow-biloela-mouse-wheel sow-biloela-cockatoo sow-biloela-book-shelf-with-mice 

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